Welcome to Serene Stone!

We are an Australian jewellery brand curating and crafting quality stone jewellery. Our mission is to create pieces that can be a reflection of your unique spirit and a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us.

All handcrafted pieces are proudly made in our in-house studio based on the Central Coast, where immense care and attention to detail is taken in production down to our individually hand selected and ethically sourced stones.

Our signature silver jewellery collection is thoughtfully sourced from our skilled, ethical, international jewellers whom we have established years of trusted (in-person) business.

Meet The Owner

Hello, my name is Sarah, and i'm the sole owner and jewellery creator working behind the scenes at Serene Stone. A little about myself!

Growing up, I was surrounded by cystals. My parents started a crystal business the same year I was born and it became a pivotal part of who I am. It didn't take long for me to feel a deep passion and appreciation for the craft .

Our family was driven by a love for genuine stones, which led to numerous excursions sifting for sapphires in rivers, visiting fine mineral shows and travelling abroad to meet with our suppliers. I started my own crystal collection when I was 7.

I developed my own style and
cherished each crystal's uniqueness and allure, and what was once a hobby quickly became a very real obsession and life's goal.

In the year 2020, I knew it was time to finally follow my dream of opening an online store as an avenue to explore my creative style, and thus Serene Stone was born. I continue to work full-time managing my family's crystal shop while using my free time to create for you!

For those who are here with me and have supported my work THANK YOU!

I can't thank you all enough for your continued business and support over the years!! 🤍

Much love!

Jewellery for the soulful

Journey to your best self